Pretending to be a girl

I prentend to be a girl and I share photos of a girl I has with other girl and pretend to be a les and make them give me their pictures. and then we play online. she thinks I'm a girl but I do a hand job! I don't know how but I get aroused when she talked with me!!

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  • I'm a girl and I gotta say, F*** YOU GUYS TAKING OUR ROLE.


    PS we can totally tell who's fake and who's not. Us girls have a code.

  • It's an easy code to break. All you have to do is act angelic to people's faces and then destroy their reputation the minute their back is turned. Oh, and if anyone confronts you about it, you Burst Into Tears. Not much of a code, "girls."

  • it's a part of your existence. stay happy!

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