Pretending to be a girl

I prentend to be a girl and I share photos of a girl I has with other girl and pretend to be a les and make them give me their pictures. and then we play online. she thinks I'm a girl but I do a hand job! I don't know how but I get aroused when she talked with me!!

Sep 1, 2010

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  • I'm a girl and I gotta say, F*** YOU GUYS TAKING OUR ROLE.


    PS we can totally tell who's fake and who's not. Us girls have a code.

  • My brother was doing this and even went as far as stealing my clothes and wore them when he was online talking to girls. I caught him doing it and asked him why he wore my clothes.He said wearing my skirts and heels and all made him feel like a girl so he could chat with the girls like one.I asked him what he did when the girls started talking about boys and he said he always left the chat when they started talking about s**.I told him I could help him with that and he begged me to help him so I did,,I dressed him up in a skirt and heels and did his hair and makeup then took him to this park I know of and dropped his sissy ass off.My little brother knows what it feels like to have s** with a guy now ,he is such a f*****

  • It's an easy code to break. All you have to do is act angelic to people's faces and then destroy their reputation the minute their back is turned. Oh, and if anyone confronts you about it, you Burst Into Tears. Not much of a code, "girls."

  • it's a part of your existence. stay happy!

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