I like to shoplift, even though i don't

I like to shoplift, even though i don't do it often. The last thing i stole was a loaf of bread from my corner store.

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  • STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i got caught after so many times of successful shoplifting.
    and it f****** sucks!!!

  • wat

  • You will stop once you get caught and have to pick up trash on the highway

  • My sister got caught stealing.

    Now I don a mask and seek vengeance against the evil corporation which blackmailed her out of lots of money.

    They call me SeizureMan.

  • HAAH! Why bread?! you silly clypto. Steal from big corperations, their the ones that deserve it.

  • 24601

  • Did you eat the whole loaf of bread was it worth it you f****** r*****?

  • yeah - wait until u get a 300 dollar fine and STEM classes and s*** like i did its kool as long as u dont get caught

  • GOOD-prices are too high anyway. show them b******.

  • ya go f*** ur self rule lover!!!!!!!!!

  • and who ever said go to jail stop being such a wheiny p**** rules are made to broken and so should your neck

  • yeah its a rush but if you get caught you will be f***** so might as well make it worth while not a f****** loaf of bread what are f****** retarded


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