Stole chocolate

I stole chocolate. I stole a Mars and I'm so sorry, I think I should go to jail for this :(

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  • Yes. you should be put in solitary confinement and never allowed love ever again for the rest of your life. and be in alone h*** poverty and abuse and treated like a worst then a 2nd class citizen. like dave is going to be treated.

  • Go to the police at once u evil .....

  • Its good to know you have the desire to make it right. Do so and learn from it. You will be a much better person.

  • dude.
    this is sin.

  • Just go to the place and say you are sorry and pay for the candy.

    Everything will be alright!

  • YOU PIECE OF S*** !!!! you should and will go to jail.HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH UR SELF ? U should tell ur mom

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