Every time my friend and I had made any

Every time my friend and I had made any plans we got excited about this summer, she f***** it up somehow (usually by procrastinating or doing something really stupid) and never took anything seriously. Right now we're supposed to be getting ready for a big trip, and we're supposed to leave tomorrow, but she f***** up her car and she says she's sure it'll be fine because the tow truck guy said it would be but she has to talk to her dad now. And I know it seems petty but I swear to god that if she f**** up and we don't end up going after so much time and money went into this, I am just not even going to talk to her anymore.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Well wat tha h*** is goin on lmao

  • Here's what you do. The next time you two set up plans to get away, you handle everything. If she has a proven track record of not being able to get the job done then you set everything up and tell her all she has to do is show up. This way the trip will be ready to go. Now it won't stop her from trying something like I'm not packed or something came up. In that situation, so that your money and time isn't wasted, have an alternate person ready to go. Explain to another person that you are planning a trip and the person you are planning with always finds some way to back out and the if the back out this time would you be willing to go. That way no matter what barring something happens on your end, you will be able to follow throough with your plans.

    That must be annoying. That would drive me crazy.


  • Hmmmm.. you think she did it on purpose?

  • It wasn't a mechanical problem, she crashed her car into a tree...

  • What sort of money have you put into it personally? And how is a mechanical failure her fault? You don't have a car yourself? If its on a tow-truck and its minor, thats not what you should worry about. Worry about how long it'll wait at the dealership/garage until it is fixed.

    If this is a pattern where she screws up the plans all the time, maybe she really doesn't want to go, but likes the idea of being able to say what she's done this summer.

    Do you have the cash to pay for 70% of the gas? Its her car thats getting the miles you know. (or her Dads car for that matter)

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