Stepdads a pervert

My stepdad is a pervert he groped both my sisters touching their b****** and ass and now that my mother knows she says and does nothing altho my stepdad doesnt do it anymore ahe has not apologized to my older sister for not believing her and for letting my stepdad ban her from the house for almost a year now he's talking about how my 6 year old step sister already has a nice ass thats his daughter whats wrong with him whenever i bring up how disturbing it is my mom says you know whats really disturbing that you and your sisters are comfortable being unacomplished losers

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  • It may seem to be OK just go on with that before you turn 18 and move out. However, if you do not act right away, this can do great damage to your mind and mess you up psychologically for the rest of your life.(drug abuse to cope with that etc). Act now, talk to other relatives, as the previous post suggests.

  • F*** your mom. She's the loser. And tell someone- ANYONE. Don't let your little sister be fodder for that piece of CRAP. It'll be hard but you're the only one with sense in the situation apparently and that leaves you to be the hero. Do it. You're saving more than just yourself. And don't think just because your mom pushed you out of her babyhole that you have to abide by her BS. She's supposed to be protecting you. And since she apparently doesn't have the brains or guts to do so, you're going to have to step up here. I'm sorry- but that's just the way it's going to have to be. There will be people who make it their job to help you through.

  • thanks i appreciate your advice i will tell some one should i tell child protective services i mean they helped me they got me away altho im so damaged imoved back in as soon as i got out but i dont want my step sisters an brother goin thru the same psychological bullshit

  • Call CPS immediately. Both your stepdad and mother should be punished. It could mean the removal of all children and possibly placed in foster care. Do you guys have grandparents or other family members that can take you in? You need to take care of you, too. Be sure to ask for help. Contact You need to discuss the trauma you've endured, and know it's not your fault. Your step dad is a sick and disturbed individual. I don't understand how parents can turn a blind eye to letting a spouse abuse their children, but they're out there. It's probably out of fear and insecurity, but it's still not a good excuse. Your mom is sad and poor example for a parent. Protect yourself and your siblings. Your mom can fend for her self.

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