My best friends brother..

Well, I went over my best friends house, and it's been awhile since last time I saw her. I'm fifteen she is fourteen and her brother is sixteen. I was spending 3 days at her house, , she lives in the middle of nowhere. So, I brought my weed, little did I know it was laced with something & it made us go f****** crazy... I had never felt like it before I was off the walls, I wasn't mellow, I was kind of h****, and I just wasn't me, and I'm not usually like that on weed regularly, & I knew there had to be something else in it. But that's not the point. After a few hours we were crashing and my friend had fallen asleep, and crashed completely.. I was awake, and I went to turn on the xbox and play something, and her brother who was next to me (he was high too), grabbed the second controller and we starteded to play online, but he hardly ever had both hand on the controller, I could feel him touch my leg/thigh, and he'd rub it & it felt good. He had never came onto me before, and I thought he was just kidding, and I didn't think it go as far as it did, so I didn't stop him, I didn't want to egg him on, but it felt good, so I let in continue, he stopped playing entirely, and continued to feel me up. I was really h**** and although I didn't like him like that I couldln't stop. I let him do things to me, I've never let peoople do before, he felt me all over, and I let him undress me, and finger me, and he even gave me oral, and I gave him oral too. It felt so good, & I didn't even know what I was doing, and I just didn't want it to end, because of the way it felt. I almost lost my virginity to him, I almost let it go that far. Now I don't know how or if i should tell my best friend about this, I don't want to know what she'd say..

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  • If y'all are good friends, I'd say tell her. Not necessarily all of the details (as he's her brother and she probably doesn't care to know lol), but just let her know that the other night things got a little out of hand and you were physical with her brother. Let her know that you're not interested in being with him and it was a mistake, but you wanted to be honest with her. That way she doesn't find out years from now and become furious with you for never telling her.

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