I've been away for ten days and I can't stop thinking about you. I know you probably don't even like me as much, and you've prObably realized it by now. You'll most likely break up with me when I get back. Which is why I'm dreading coming back home, even though I want to go back so much! This is stupid. You probably never even thought about me while I was gone. All my friends said it was stupid too, but I didn't listen because I thought you were different. I've got the book you gave me for my birthday in my bag. I feel stupid reading it because it reminds me of you and the inevitable break up. F***.

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  • Once spent 9 months apart with only occasional facebook contact with the woman I loved. We broke up, and I thought the same you did. Maybe we were too clingy, maybe they didn't love enough. The break-up is never inevitable, but if it happens we have to recognise that we would never have been happy with them, because they wouldn't have loved us the way we deserved. I hope you're still together, if not, you're now free to find someone who loves you.

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