Just married

We just got married less than 4 months ago. I love you. I love our children. But I'm jealous of the physical affection you show them. You tell me you don't like to sleep touching me but you fall asleep holding them almost every night. We hardly ever have s**. When we do, it's only when YOU want it. When I want it, you claim you're tired or not in the mood. I've tried talking to you about it, but you just get furious with me. This is breaking my heart. I just want to be loved. I wish I knew what to do.

Jan 3, 2012

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  • are you sure that your partner is now having an affair????? i know its tuff but we should always consider that they might fell in love with another..

  • I give you my comfort... I know how it feels, going through marriage and all. I just want you to know that I give you my comfort.

  • I'm going to assume here that you're a man. I'm a woman with 3 small children at home and I can tell you first hand that giving birth changes everything. My s** drive dropped after each birth and didn't come back for a couple of years. Also, my body image was damaged badly. I used to have a HOT body, but now I have stretch marks and skin that wasn't there before and I'm embarrassed to be naked in front of my husband. Also, I don't know if this is the case with your wife or not, but I found myself bonding more with the kids because they are my flesh and blood and they can't leave me and will always love me no matter what and I knew that my husband could leave any time he wanted. For some reason that made me naturally gravitate toward my kids more than my hubby. Talk to your wife about how you're feeling. I promise she'll be grateful you opened up to her.

  • Well, the guy below is a total a******.

    Guessing it's pretty recent you had the kid. Don't have kids myself, but female friends of mine that do say that the s** drive just goes after the giving birth, probably due to the amount of damage down there that they're quite self conscious about.

    They also say when their s** drive does come back it comes back big time, so you got that to look forward to later

  • I know how that feels,its heart breaking.The woman didnt even want to take pictures with me but i found pictures she took holding a guy(a friend?) as if they had been married for years.She stopped giving me oral s** but even after we broke up,she still wrote me messages telling me how she missed the many o****** she got when I was giving her oral. Some people are just selfish,gotta love yourself first.Good luck.
    I sure love her;all i wanted was to be loved back.It was all in-vain.

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