The athiests wont like this

Lots of guys say they dont believe in god and that religion is for idiots. but how many actualy understand religion and its teachings. you say you think religion is only for the stupid and ignorant then i have this to say to become apart of a religion you must first learn of the religion. and to learn a religion is an effort to gain knowledge and if you dont learn from a a religion then you are openly refusing to learn therefore making you ignorant. so if you say you are athiest and have not studied religion then you are telling others that your a dumbass who likes to feel like hes cool because he is unhappy with his situation. now if you have studied and you still dont believe then you have a very depressing look on life and you probably dont have many friends who actualy enjoy your depressing sense of reality. p.s if you are an athiest dont go around talking down to others because by trying to break down someones beliefs because if their stupid enough to be discouraged then they might kill you for it.

Jan 4, 2012

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  • What does this post have to do with s**? Wrong page, dude.

  • Many religious people are small minded. So are many atheists. In fact, atheism is like a religion to some.

    God transcends any human religion

  • Both religious people and atheist don't get it. They both hold to a linear universe limited by their own understanding. They look down on each other when they mere are flip sides of the same coin.

  • It's funny that they don't see how similar they are. SMall mindedness is not isolated in one group of people.

  • I would say you have some insecurities about your faith if people who don't share your beliefs bother you so much.

    I don't call you an idiot. To each his own. But I do not believe what I have learned about the various religions. That doesn't come from ignornace, as you suggest, but from careful thought.

  • They've done studies: atheists know more about the bible and Qu'ran than people who profess to follow these religions do. They also have lower divorce rates. Google it. I'd have an inferiority complex about my intelligence too if I were a bible-thumping idiot.

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