My husband is a liar and he's cheated

My husband is a liar and he's cheated on me 6 times.

We have 3 children.

He just got deployed to Iraq.

I secretly hope that he doesn't come home...

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  • shut up, everyone... he cheated, and hopefully someone just bites his peenie off in the war :)


  • He is probably cheating on you right now. . .

  • Take up masturbation.

  • nice

  • SiteShrink is totally on the money here, you have his bankcard, pack up and leave his ass. Leave a note and a copy of the restraining order. Keep your ass clean though and he will have no chance at taking the kids.

  • I think it's sort of selfish of you to wish death upon a man that's fighting for your country,especially since he's your husband. Would you have no remorse if he really did die,what about your children? You say he's a good father for them,so why f*** with a good thing? Get a divorce if you don't want to be with him. But give him visitation atleast. It's hard not having a father.

  • I laughed

  • You just don't want to make the move yourself. You hope that someone else does it for you. Either you have mixed emotions and don't totally want him to die in Iraq or else you're being to wimpy to make a move.

  • Would the kids be destroyed if he didn't come back like you are wishing? You want that sort of life for the, and have a way to support yourselves? I hear that the packages for army wives isn't all that great.

  • Maybe it's time you had a little extra on the side while his ass is away!

  • maybe "Iraq" isn't what you think.. maybe "Iraq" is the 7th... maybe..

  • i'm a stay at home mom, and I love being with my children. He's a good dad, but he's not a good husband.

  • If you really want to leave him be gone when he comes back. But why do you still stay with this guy?


  • Tell him to hit the road....for good

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