I cheated on my husband bcause he

I cheated on my husband bcause he cheated on me with my brothers girldfriend. I was hurt so i had s** with a co-worker for revenge....but now i just can't stop. The crazy s** that i am experiencing, i never did with my husband. The main reason is he also ha a very huge d***. My husband is so short...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • He slept with your brother's girfriend? I would be too embarassed to stay with someone like that. I mean doesn't your brother have an opinion about this? When you go to family functions, does the brother always try to kick his ass?

  • Two wrongs never make a right.

  • How BIG is he?

  • for a relation to work,one of the key ingridients is respect n trust,both of u blew it.to avoid wasting your lives move on as ur ing r already expired.

  • I agree with the second comment. If you're both going around behind each other's back it's not worth staying together - you're married in name only. Just accept where you're marriage is, and if you want to end it, end it. If you want to stay with him, you both need to really rethink your relationship, because happy people don't cheat. You'll both need to make some serious changes. The whole revenge thing can only go so far, and in the end it's really not worth the damage it causes.

  • you should have had s** with your brother this way you guys would have both been even

  • Vindictive size-queen.

  • Revenge can be sooooooo sweet. I think you should get rid of your man though, it seems neither of you really want a monogamous relationship with each other so it has pretty much gone down the toilet. The sooner that is accepted by both of you the happier you will be.

    As far as the new relationship is concerned... Go get him girl. x


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