I am a working girl

Prostitute, h*****, escort, lady of the night etc. Although the term 'lady of the night' does not apply to me. I am more of a 'belle du jour'. I work normal working hours just like everyone else in an upscale apartment in the city. Although I used to do a night shift but it is far too tiring and I prefer my day-time clientele.

I love my job. Meeting lots of interesting men. The freedom I have. I feel empowered as a woman.

I do feel guilty lying to others but they would never understand...

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  • Just be careful

  • OK, to the one comment..... what the f*** you rabid feminist! STFU. If it weren't for men and the s*** they had to endure in protecting and supporting women throughout time you wouldn't be here to spout your liberal bullshit. It's nature b****. Men go out and secure the bounty of the land. Women stay in the nest and rear the children. You wanna eat from the bounty of my catch of the day then mind your place and spread your legs. Otherwise you can f****** well go find your own cave to live in. I can j*** off as well as spend the time f****** you only to listen to your incessant whining afterwards.

    And as to the poster.... at least you are honest. ALL women are whores. Problem is today that we listen to your b******* and moaning too much. Man today have had their nuts removed by the feminists and the men that are so p**** whipped that they go along with whatever their b****** tell them to do.

  • Wow you're an a******. If every woman is a b**** than every man is a pig just like you. I hope you never have kids because I will feel sorry for them. And no, not all women are whores, some are.. Women and men are equal so if some women are whores then some men are whores too.

  • No. I am not a pig. Pigs root around in garbage on all fours. I walk upright with my head held high because I am a MAN! I conquer or I am conquered because it is the law of nature. I protect what I deem worthy of defense.

    I am the hunter. I am the builder and I am the destroyer. That is the way the REAL world works. You can inject any sort of morality or justification for being a wimp you want to but it will never change the truth.

    And no. Woman and Men are NOT equal in nature. Maybe in some ultra-liberal feminist driven fantasy world you and those too weak to confront the reality of our world might have built in their minds.... but in the real world men run faster and are far stronger than women. Granted... a FEW misguided B**** lesbians MIGHT approach a man's endurance.... even fewer a man's strength.... but they will ALWAYS be weaker and more venerable. I know that upsets the bullshit line beliefs you have been force fed but it is the truth.

  • I am man, and, buddy, your posts disgust me. You are not a man. You are an overgrown child -- and a sick one at that. A real man understands that women are equal. We are not the same but the history of human existence is the result of women and men working in harmony. Not like the brutality you describe. You are a sick dude.

  • The only reason you have a job is because of laws. if there were no laws about anything and we were back in cave man times there would be no rights for women. you would walk out and if a man wanted you he would rape you and leave. the fact that men are nice enough to repect and protect you is a privilidge we women take for granted now. i used to resent this but i know now that i should appreciate men because the fact that he didnt rape me means he respects me as a human being and as a woman. hes my big strong protector and i love him.

  • Why do you think cave men raped women? Cave people lived in communal groups where everyone had to cooperate in order to survive. If you raped a woman in those times, the other men probably would have beaten you to death. Maybe you are the one who is lucky there are laws...

  • Maybe I should feel resentment for the fact that all girls don't show the same appreciation for me not raping them as you. Or maybe you should raise your standards a bit. You have a pretty grim idea of what all guys are like.

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