I don't have sympathy for people. If

I don't have sympathy for people.

If they make stupid mistakes, and bad stuff happens, it's hard for me not to laugh at them.

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  • I f***** hate half black half white people all they do is think they better than everyone because they got two colors in them but u know what f*** all u mixed breeds out there. u just a f***** n***** craker

  • I feel the same way. When I was 15, I got fired from my job at Mcdonald's for laughing at an old woman who fell on some ice outside!

  • i feel bad about it, but i have trouble feeling empathy for people too. When their family memeber dies or they break their leg, or their sick, i follow cultural customs by saying "im sorry for your loss" or would you like some help" or "oh you poor thing." but deep down i feel like- well, who cares?. even though i know that it's wrong to feel that way.

  • Your day will come believe me...you will need a helping hand.
    With your attitude are you going to wave it away.? If you do..then why are you here.? Change your enviroment and work at being proud of yourself and happy...it's easier than being permanently angry with yourself and everyone else!

  • I agree wit you, people never take good advice and think they know it all. Bad stuff happens and they act like they had no help or any clue it was coming. Losers. You don't need empathy, it's every man for himself nowadays.

  • ---from origional poster--- Yes, of course i have, but I dont expect people to feel bad for me either. I've suffered a lot for the stupid things I've done. But anyway, the point is,,, I don't WANT to feel that way, I just can't seem to help myself

  • To original poster: Have you ever done anything bad?

  • I hate people id volunteer my soul to shoot and kill anyone thats done anything worth being shot for and my standards are low doesnt take much to be in this catagory i find my self saying this often .... id like to shoot all terrorists execution style in theb ack of the head for what they do id even miss often and take off ears first to give some pain even if i was condimed as bad for doing this the sacrifice is just imo

  • That's called being an a******...Welcome to the club!

  • Empathy is the best emotion. To lack it is very unfortunate.

  • Me too. I don't think I even have any emotions besides hate.

  • Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes you look at people and say that's what they get because what they did was so stupid and dumb. But then again we are all human and somewhere down the line we are going to make dumb mistakes. To laugh is not always wrong (unless someone gets hurt) but atleast still have some sympathy for them.


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