I am an atheist. I can't tell my parents and my friends would definitely think it was real. Say whatever you want. You people who think atheism is horrible, tell me, but let me tell you this. A lot of people don't tell you they are atheist. They could be friends and family members, and since you tell them things like this, they hide who they really are. And just so you know, it feels miserable. You hate it when people tell you your religion is stupid, you do the same people who don't believe in your religion. And by the way I don't think religions are stupid, I like studying myths, but I just don't believe it. So tell me what you like after this, I don't care.

Dec 12, 2015

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  • Dear Friend,
    It's okay if you're atheist. Millions of people don't believe in God nor practice a religion and they are generally happy and well adjusted. Maybe when you're older and more comfortable you will feel freer to reveal this to your family and close friends. For now, therapy might help you to build your courage to disclose to those important to you. Be well!

  • I believe in god, you don't. When we die either you'll be right or I will, either way we can be friends in this lifetime.

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