Confessions of a 14 year old girl..

1-Im agressive (in a good way) (;
2-Im quiet, but in no way am i good (;
3-I shave down their
4-Im extremely h**** right now
5-I often fantasize about being f***** by 5 different older guys
6-I watch p*** to get myself in the mood
7-I touch myself and use a hairbrush to m*********
8-I love talking dirty
9-Football players are the sexiest
10-I think braces are cute
11-I would love to give a b*******
12-I also fantasize about being tied up or gagged and chained while being penetrated by mutiple guy
13-I would never cheat on a guy
14-I would f*** a girl
15-I would swallow cumm if i guy blew a load in my mouth
16-Im a virgin so im open to anything and im really tight
17-I swear alot
18-You wanna hit me up my yahoo id is Daina Says Rawr
19-If i like you ill give you my number, maybe ill sext



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  • 20-I need attention reallyREALLY bad, even more than every other teenage girl ever
    21-Like every teenage girl ever, I think what I wrote is the most important thing YOU will read all day
    22-I'm all mouth and ego and no brains

  • I'm 14 too! But I'm not a virgin I've done b*******, a***, vaginal, public s** and masterbaiton, and shower s** starting when I was 13. And I don't really like football players I think a military man is the best. I love a man in uniform I wouldnt mind a few of them using me or taking turns while the others watched.

  • Young woman you are certainly not too young as puberty is telling you you ready and stupid adults telling young people not to have s** with whoever they want when they are ready goes against the natural order as I want every young person to have as much fun as possible unlike my miserable funless childhood you enjoy your pleasure whatever it is. Obviously contraception is a must as you don't need to worry about having kids of your own yet as it really f**** up the fun and quite frankly we have the ability to have 0 unplanned pregnancies worldwide that is. Anyway I would suggest talking to someone like a nurse as they are the really smart ones and will always be honest with you. Sorry for going on. Live life in the most fulfilling ways you can as I am proud of all of you especially when the adults are not helping go for it girl and have as much fun as you can as what the h*** is life for. Go girl and enjoy your power of the Goddess because every girl in the world is a goddess just as you are

  • Sweetie... you're too young. Work on loving yourself please before you attract the wrong attention.


  • If you are real, you likely need an older woman to help you, screen the men and best would be to do this in places that understand young women can be very sexual. in hs my gf loved s**. She liked me to "force her" and her Catholic gf liked the same. Please understand to act this out you are going to put the men at risk of a 20-30 year prison term. So be very careful. You are also going to attract some dangerously stupid people, hence have a protector or two.

  • Jeez i am 14 and a boy and this is is messed up to read

  • Wtf im 14 and a guy damn this is messed up

  • Same


  • You won't be getting laid much in your life and a woman can have as much fun as she wants and with as many people as she wants and no one can say s*** about it as personally it's sexy and attractive yummy yummy yummy. So keep your primitive unfairness to yourself. In fact listening is the rest power the things you can learn

  • Lots of words, not much sense. That happens when losers get triggered by getting called out for what they are.


  • fakee.....

  • To catch a predator wrote this -

  • come on its a 40 year old man who wrote this

  • I can see it in about 4 months fourteen year old found dead and raped in woods...... How bout gain some common sense and relize the guy you emailed you is probably a pedo just sayin

  • hey i sent u an email yesterday u should hit me up sum time


  • oh my God. you are 14 years old. act like it. this is stupid and dangerous and i hope your parents find out. i would have NEVER done something this idiotic at 14. go be a kid. you have the rest of your life to be an adult and have s**. trust me, it isn't all its cracked up to be. it will scar you for life if it's with the wrong person. i lost my virginity to my FIANCE, and i was still depressed for over a month. it's more than you think it is. be smart. wait. be a kid as long as you can.

  • Don't u think its a lil dangerous exposing and offering yourself up like this ?

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