Starting to remember

Last night was incredible. He is treating me like the s*** I am.
I love being his little sexual deviant. I would do almost anything he asked of me.
I want to be that woman again. The woman that will go down on you in the car. The woman that will let you rub her p**** in the dark corner of the bar. The woman that will lick your d*** to taste her own c***. I want to be the woman you j******* to when I'm not here or h***, even when I am here. The one you think about getting f***** in the p*** you watch. the woman that will spread her legs on command. Let me be your little s***, fill me with your c**. Let me taste you, f*** you, love you.

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  • Every pig's wet dream! This was totally written by a dude! Lol

  • You poor thing. Can't get any? I laughed so hard at this one xD It's pretty disgusting, though. There are a lot of creeps here like you...

  • You love being f*****, you need to be f***** by me and my mates. going to f*** you soon

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