I reallllyyy hate chemistry!


1. Everyone get's C's on there tests and u jus have to put in so much complicated math and those darn SIG FIGS!

2. Teacher=boring. Lights off, teaches at desk w/ a laptop being projected, speaks w/ a boring voice --> who the h*** wants to listen or actually has interest in this stuff?

3. POLYATOMIC IONS and SPECIAL IONIC METALS---memorize all tat!!!

4. Sometimes, I have to reteach myself stuff b/c the teacher is too vague on concepts or is just too boring to pay attention to.

****Difficult subject taught by a borrinnnggg teacher**** I'm so freakin' unenthusiastic in that class****

-You have to realize: sitting at a desk for like 45 minutes in a dark room w/ only a single screen to look at (and the screen just projects someone drawing, very boring...) is just too depressing for learning!

Whenever I go to that class, my day starts to go from pretty happy to not happy! I hate how I transition from a class I LOVE to a class I hate so much!

Sure, my teacher is pretty nice, but boring class and teaching method!!!

I get happy from time to time but when I see my chem grade go down it ruins my day!!! I just don't like Chem! Last year, I ended the day w/ a happy mood! This year, I end the day w/ a not-so-happy/sleepy/kinda depressed mood (like that dark classroom).

And then ppl say that the OTHER chem teacher who teaches the same course sucks even more! Well, I gotta say our grade is screwed w/ those boring boring chem teachers!

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    I resent it from the bottom of my heart.

    It makes my blood boil.

  • Omg i fwigin don't like chem too..

  • Oh STFU and get your education so you can go out and buy whores!!!

  • I am VERY concerned about my education, but I'm just saying that this education sucks and i just really have a needddd too express myself!!! If i openly complain then my chemistry teacher won't be happy. I don't want to be known as the SUPER SUPER unenthusiastic, super-hateful-of-chemistry kid. NOOOOOOOO.... that's a bad reputation to have. So i'm just doing this to feel better so i can reenergize myself and focus back onto my work!

  • Thanks. I needed that reality check. I wasn't looking at the bigger picture. I'll work on getting A's in Chemistry now.

  • I feel for you. I hated Chemistry too. I wish I could have liked it, but no way.

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