People annoy me

I've had enough of people, they're annoying, lying and fake. Do to et me wrong I'm. to perfect nor make out to be be but what annoys me is how much we use and abuse people. Once something better comes along you get ignored and treated like crap. I'm a cynical b****** and that comes from years of experience, there is no suck thing as loyalty or honesty in anywhere you look at life. I'm got a new job and I'm so desperate for work that I've taken a job that burns at my soul as it stands against everything I believe in.

My family on my mothers side are a bunch of wankers they wouldn't spend a moment to help my mum out yet they crack the s**** when she can't help them, they visit a local town near us won't even say hi. My brothers wife is a complete idiot and puts my mum down on making a choice between her family and the grand kids, my mum can't win either way. My dad's an old fart who hates everything and sadly I'm slowly becoming him.

I can't even be bothered spending time with my friends as the drama unfolds and I have to listen to their crap. My girlfriend is constantly sick and freaking boring yet I love her and endure it I have a few girls interested in me but I stay loyal.

I think work and business itself is such a massive lie and if things were done with honestly and integrity how awesome would our lives be. I don't know one person who absolutely loves their job. It's not the job that makes it s*** it's the people. I love watching the bank commercial about how they want to look after you and care about you!!!! F*** off no you don't you don't give two s**** about your customers, maybe Innitially when they sign those papers but after pffft makes me vomit hearing that crap.

I hate people who just don't listen, not just family but everyone, when someone has experience in something and offers advice you'd think people would listen, but don't get me wrong we don't listen and understand something till it happens to us, what annoys me is the complaining that comes afterwards about how it could have happened to them!! You were warned idiot!!! I have plenty of experience in this world and I know how things work I know how governments work, family and policies ect yet people still f*** around like dumb animals.

I look at those who have had a really hard life and no matter what they do they just can't get a leg up and get ahead of things, I wish I could help I wish I could win lotto and spread the wealth to give those people a head start, especially kids I don't believe a kid needs to be an adult as early as I see these days, I wish all the had to worry about was what lolly to eat or toy to play with.

I watch a lot of selfishness and greed not just in money but emotions and actual time. I hate using people but sadly I've done that and I hate myself for it, the hardest part is accepting that and moving on, I don't get why people hate others when they don't even know them? Especially at work I had that happen to me and has now put me in a really tight spot.

Lastly is boring people, when you're in a relationship go out and have fun!!! Stop sitting Infront of the tv or computer and go have fun with your other half. Talk to them, cook them dinner, f*** them tell them your s** fantasies, go actually do those kind of things, because becoming complacent is the reason people cheat, lie and go behind your back. Sit down for a second and really think about if your partner is happy, think when the last time you had good s**, gone out with friends to dinner or actually had a good time together, because I guarantee you at least one of you isn't happy. Some are so self absorbed and think that they are perfect in their relationship, guess again.

I guess the reason I really hate people is that they are just so stupid they don't understand what they are doing? Or if they do they don't care either still p***** me off.

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  • Pride and loving money are huge factors in negative human behavior.

  • Yeah, The world would be a better place with no people.... Or, where everyone was perfect and no learning taking place. Hmmm, I'd love to live in paradise too.

  • I know exactly how you feel, man. Ignorance can be cured with knowledge, but there is no cure for indifference. Yes, people don't use their heads. 99% of the world is stupid. But there is nothing that those of us who belong to the remaining 1% can do about it, except learn how to deal with them.

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