My friends are such picky eaters that

My friends are such picky eaters that they make me uncomfortable when we eat together. I hate that they always talk about how they hate whatever I'm eating or say it's gross because I never talk about how their eating habits are boring but they always tell me my favorite foods are gross. Now when I go out with them, I order the most boring thing on the menu but then I go home and pig out on good food.

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  • Tell them to f*** off and eat d***!! You don't comment on their food and eating habits,so why let them comment on yours? They have food issue and are deflecting those issues,onto you.You're healthy and have a healthy appetite/attitude,towards food.
    I love my food and don't give a f***,about fussy eaters.I eat what I want and when I like,without apologies! I eat in moderation and exercise regularly.

    Your so called friends ate jealous,because you don't have food issues! Talk to them about your concerns and if they don't compromise or oblige,find new eating buddies!!

  • I agree with the above comment!

  • find nu friends if theyre dat stuck up lol

  • Do it like me! I am very thin. I excersize, I am not lazy at work, and I generally find other things to do besides eat. But when I'm hungry enough to eat, I eat as much as I like. Aside from thinking about my cardiovascular health, which limits some of the fat intake, I eat whatever, whenever I want. And if anyone says anything to me, I tell them that I don't care, because I actually am very thin. Maybe I'm just lucky with good genes, but I think activity level and being busy enough that there are other things to do than to eat all the time are major factors in being thin. And yes, I'm American. And proud of it.

  • Order what you like!
    Taste buds are amazing!
    Life's too short to settle for what makes others comfortable. Tell them the shove it!

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