Am I weird??

Ever since I can remember when I was 5 years old I would hump my stuffed animals or anything like pillows and I would o*****,now I am older like 24 and I still hump my pillows lol but now I can watch p*** and do it, was that ever normal for a 5 year old, I remember doing it but I didnt know what s** or anything like that was just that it felt good lol am i weird?

Feb 8, 2012

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  • but I am married now with kids and it feels good lol

  • i think that its fine but maybe you shouldnt tell people...ur just getting practice for the future right?

  • well you sould of stoped at 10 i am thinging

  • Your thinging are you well thats good

  • It is very normal what you did, I had a sister who did that she would always get in trouble but now that your older I guess it's some type of masturbation method,if you go on google and type in the same answer you will see there are a lot of women out there who did the same, its all apart of our sexuality and exploring. I like the guys who first commented point of view that is hilarious almost makes you wonder lol

  • You are not weird, and your pillow won't get preggo or s**** up your life with BS drama. It won't cheat on you either or cost you bigtime in divorce court. Plus, it's probably always there for you when you're in need of some sexual healing. It will never be too tired or withhold s** from you for whatever reasons. And you won't have to watch bullshit chick flicks or silly womens' cable tv channels with it. Man, you've got it made, and no doubt your pillow is a cheap date with none of that high maintenance crap.

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