So about a month ago I was hanging out

So about a month ago I was hanging out with my buddy. I'm openly gay and he is straight. Well we were drinking and he put my hand on his d***. It went on from there and after, we were talking and he said he was just curious about things. Fine by me! Haha.

The complication is that he has a girlfriend and if it had been only that one time, I'd chalk it up to drunken stupidity. Well, the other night it happened again and we went much further than b******* which is what it was last time. I asked him about his girlfriend and he said he could never tell her and that it wouldn't be the last time. He is a hottie too and I really enjoy the time but I feel bad about the girlfriend.

I's fun but it kinda sucks too. Not really sure what to do or what not to do.

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  • write to an advice column. this site is for confessions

  • ^ Amen

  • There is no reason to at least treat this as any heterosexual cheating. You should not play a part in it. The multitude of homosexual issues add complexity, but don't forget the basic facts.

  • Stop messing around with him until he matures and doesn't depend on you as his 'safe gay s**' crutch. He needs to think about his sexuality. The news might break his current hetro relationship, but its unfair and generally j***-ish for him to depend on you to keep his bisexual secret. If things so sour, he'll probably try to blame you, and not his love of c***.

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