Checking Out Guy's Goods

Even though I'm married, I'm not dead. When I see a hot guy walking by, my eyes stray to the front of his pants with the hope of seeing some clue of what he has concealed inside.

I know as a woman I'm not supposed to be like that, but I am. I love checking out guy's goods. Well the goods I can see bulging in a guy's pants.

Oh, yeah. I also like looking at naked men on the Internet. And I miss the yummy guy who used to live across from our house who left his shades up when he undressed to go to bed and came out of his shower naked except for a towel in his hand. I sure miss that. He was hot and endowed. Hmmm.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • Is ok.. I went to see a female friend in the hospital a few weeks ago (actually, we used to date), and noticed, pretty clearly, her beautiful green eyes go right to my crotch and stay there a few seconds. Was going to say something, but, figured..She's entitled, I guess.. Maybe she wants to see it in-full again?

  • I'll admit I look too. Maybe I'm abnormal for a woman, but I check out mens' crotches all the time. My husband has a friend he said had a big c*** and that got me a little hot wondering about it. When I saw his friend in a tight bathing suit at a pool party, I didn't have to wonder anymore. God he was big! My husband caught me looking at his friend's c*** in that bathing suit and now when we have s** he asks me how would I like to have his friend's big c*** to play with. My husband knows that makes me uncontrollably h**** and loves it when I ravish him thinking about that big c***. It's just a fantasy thing between me and my husband but boy does it make me hot. Yum.

  • My wife does this... thinking about her hot coworker when we have s**. It makes her come so hard!!!

  • U bollox next time she do it put ur thumb up her arsehole and turn it round

  • I can always tell when there is a woman checking out packages. Where I work the woman does a terrible job hiding what she's doing. Sometimes I go in the bathroom and stroke myself until I'm semihard then make sure I walk by her and let her get a good look at my bulge. We're both enjoying this and I hope to someday give her more than a look even though she's married and quite a bit older than me.

  • No harm done as long as you don't act on anything. And you could always use these things in fantasies with your husband. If he's a little open-minded, he'll love hearing how h**** his wife can be about c**** and naked men and get h**** listening to your stories or watching you look at naked men on the Internet.

    You could test the waters by saying something like you think c**** look nice to see how he reacted.

  • I'm a woman and also do that so don't worry. I'm married too and sometimes think on how good it would feel to be with them

  • Same here, I have a boyfriend but I can't help wondering about other guys.

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