Got Even With My Teacher

Just because I screwed around a lot in her class and never did any homework, my Social Studies teacher flunked me and called me an idiot for wasting my mind.

That kinda p***** me off, and I never forget when somebody does me wrong. So when she went on vacation to Hawaii and left her car in her yard at her home just outside the city, I went over to her house and beat the s*** out of her car with a sledge hammer.

Luckily she had no neighbors living near her because I made quite a racket. I can't wait till she comes home and see her piece of s*** car with all those dents and broken stuff, lol.

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  • Hey enough daydreaming about destroying your teacher's car and get your lazy ass started on your homework dip s***!

  • Take it from someone who now knows exactly what your teacher is saying to you...atleast try to tone it down a bit and come to a compromise and listen to what she has to say.

    Oh and about the car may have just gotten her a new car because more than likely insurance is gonna pay for the vandalism damages and your teacher wins again.

  • what a sweet uplifting story

  • Thank you. I am glad you apprecated it.

  • You seriously need counseling. Your anger and need to get even is out of control. And, take it from one who knows, you don't ever want to lose it to the point you get put in jail. You have no idea the h*** you'd be walking into.

  • shut up, i wish i could kill my vice principal, and smash my teachers face in half.

  • Maybe she called you an idiot because you are wasting your potential. Maybe she saw something better in you that you could become. If you continue to act that way then you are just an idiot and will never realize what you could be, even a decent person at least. Don't get me wrong, I never liked school but an education is only going to make your life better down the road, she will get paid and live her life if you do well in school or just act stupid for the rest of your life. You only hurt yourself.

  • Grow up! If you don't learn to behave better, you'll be in jail one day. Mark my words.

  • Turns out she was right! Get your ass back in school and learn something other than how to dismantle a car. You'll go further in life and won't be whining later in life when your trailer fall apart.

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