I wear my mom's pantyhose


I confess that ever since I was in my teens, I started to wear my mothers pantyhose. I am not a crossdresser. It's just her pantyhose that turn me on so much.

I started to wear them because of the way that they felt on my c***. Im an addicted masturbater and after a few hours of stroking my c*** would be a bit sore. The pantyhose helped.

I decided to put them on and I loved it. It has really been an obsession of mine. I love seeing women wearing them and men too.

I love wearing my moms. Something hot about wearing a worn pair. After I am done I carefully put them back. I wonder what she would say or think? Actually I would love to know!

Feb 23, 2012

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  • What would she say or think?????????? Hmmmmm....Let me see, she probably really proud of you and would tell you that she will start putting her pantyhose where you can find them after she has worn them without panties so all of her a s s hole and v***** juices are totally saturated in them and tell you to lick them clean before putting them on, then she would say for you to p i s s in them and shoot your c u m all over them so she could lick them clean too.

  • You bees what me and my bros be lookin for, next time you puts on pantyhose we come over and rip dem opem and slam many hard black d i c k s up you a s s hole

  • Keep wearing moms pantyhose, squirt your little baby p**** juice in them before you put them back in her drawer, she like that.

  • It really depends on how old you are when you started wearing your mom's pantyhose. If it's a habit you continued from years ago she probably doesn't mind. You should RECIPROCATE and buy your mom nylons and lingerie in her size and then in sizes appropriate for you.

  • Most mother's generally don't mind too very much but respecting her things is important. Also, if you're going to leave sperm in them you really should launder them.

  • Well you should probably try PANTIES AND high heels and makeup too,

  • You need to pull you moms pantyhose over your head and start licking the crotch really good and suck all her smelly f*** hole juices out till you gag on them, that will be a good rush for your little weiner

  • Luv pantyhose from mom


  • I started wearing my mother's pantyhose and panties when I was 11 years old. When I was caught my mother started buying me my own pantyhose and panties along with a little dress and heels

  • I love it me too!.

  • I'll just bet you look so adorable.

  • I wont to stop wearing ladies tights but cant can any one helped

  • It's really difficult to stop. Throwing your lingerie away won't work because I'm afraid you'll just replace them with more. Pantyhose usually wear out anyway so just buy better ones.

  • Try Wolfords neon 40 tights (or pantyhose in the USA) or Rafael de Cecilia pantyhose you'll love em

  • My mom make me eat my c** when I wear her pantyhose

  • Good for her. It puts you in your place

  • I have been wearing ladies tights all my life am 50 now cant stop have tryed lots of times but cant from Nigel Coates -taylor

  • I understand completely

  • I love to wear my wife pantyhose

  • Me also

  • I hope your worthlees d*** rots and falls off, you are one f***** up a******

  • YOU SICK SON OF A B#$$#@@

  • You are the perverted one dumbass

  • What she would think is that you are a f****** pervert

  • It's all good. I wear my father's bra.

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