I wear my mom's pantyhose


I confess that ever since I was in my teens, I started to wear my mothers pantyhose. I am not a crossdresser. It's just her pantyhose that turn me on so much.

I started to wear them because of the way that they felt on my c***. Im an addicted masturbater and after a few hours of stroking my c*** would be a bit sore. The pantyhose helped.

I decided to put them on and I loved it. It has really been an obsession of mine. I love seeing women wearing them and men too.

I love wearing my moms. Something hot about wearing a worn pair. After I am done I carefully put them back. I wonder what she would say or think? Actually I would love to know!


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  • I wont to stop wearing ladies tights but cant can any one helped

  • I have been wearing ladies tights all my life am 50 now cant stop have tryed lots of times but cant from Nigel Coates -taylor

  • I hope your worthlees d*** rots and falls off, you are one f***** up a******

  • YOU SICK SON OF A B#$$#@@

  • You are the perverted one dumbass

  • What she would think is that you are a f****** pervert

  • It's all good. I wear my father's bra.

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