17 with 42 year old

When i was 14 I was talking to a 39 year old. He thought I was 19 for a few weeks til I told him my real age. He admired my honesty and maturity and we fell for each other. When I was 17 and he was 42 we had s** and it makes me so sick to think about it cos i know it is so wrong!! I didn't care at the time because I thought I loved him. I loved the thrill of it. I know if I ended up telling anyone he would get put in jail. I have held this secret for so long and it eats me up every day.

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  • Don't let people put a guilt trip on you, what you and the older man did was not wrong or bad for either of you, it was all a normal and natrual thing to do and feel for each other, open your eyes and see! that you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the majority of societies belief against child and adult love and s**, however majority rule doesn't mean or make it right, it may be bad in the minds of other people and thats cool "to each his own" thats what makes us all "unique individuals" and that is the key to complete happiness, to be yourself, to love yourself, and respect yourself enough to be true to yourself in the face of societal opposition, while allowing others to be themselves, love themselves and respect themselves enough to be true to themselves also!

  • well that makes me feel a bit better. So many people have told me it's so wrong. But we did feel a lot for each other

  • No baby girl it's not wrong it maybe wrong for them but that their hang up, you can't help who you love or desire so don't let others who can't accept a relationship like you and the man had put you down or tell you nonsense like it's nasty or perverted because s** at any age is beautiful and s** between an adult and child is normal....

  • Oh I am sure he admired your honesty and maturity.... I bet you ate that up, didn't you? HAHA. Old dirty b****** got some underage action, and you gave it up. Shame on both of you, especially him.

  • Hope she doesn't eat and swollow what you're trying to plant in her head, that would just be a real shame...

  • Yeah, I don't get it either. Why all the guilt? You can't help whom you love and wanna f***. Do you really care all that much or is this really about what others would think?

  • What the h*** was so wrong about it? Because some tight ass prude with her hair in a bun says it's wrong? Please!!! You were of legal age, so was he. There is nothing wrong with that at all! Please quit listening to the a******* who want to run your life because they cannot run their own!

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