Where have all the good men gone?

I just want to be held and felt like I am loved again. I miss having someone to depend on through the hard times and the good. I feel so alone :( What happened to all of the good guys out there that know how to love and be loved?

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  • My husband isn't perfect, but he is loyal and is the best, tenderest kisser I've ever been with. Women like you pass over guys like him because he isn't some alphadouche. He IS 100% man though. I'm sure that seems like a contradiction to almost everyone reading this, but that's because this site is full of incels, teenagers, and other mental inferiors.

    Too bad for you, princess. I've got my man, and he and I BOTH know we are loved by the other. I never thought this could happen, after being being abused by my crap father and putting up with way too many toads. I finally got my happy ending, though. Be jealous, like the small-minded loser you are :)

  • Gone for soldiers every one.

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