So, I push my wife up against the wall and hold her against it with my body then hold her hands in the outstretched position. I start kissing her and telling her I want to "take" her. She says not here cuz we were in the kitchen and our kids were not too far from us in the next room. She says take me in our bedroom. So a little while later (maybe 10 minutes) we are in bed and I start to pur the moves in her and she says, "not now, lets do it tonite. I want to take a short nap. " WHAT THE F***?!! What is it with you f****** women. I love and am inimate. I am patient and kind. I backrub without expecting s**. I say kind words of love and affirmation. I REALLY love her for who she is. So again I say, WHAT THE F***?!! We average having s** about every five days. EVERY FIVE DAYS?! I give her everything she desires as a woman and I strive to give her love and affection in her language of love. I get my needs meet maybe every five days. I totally understand why men have affairs

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  • She lets black men f*** her every day while you are at work. You just aren't big or sexy enough for her.

    Your daughter lets black men in her panties as well.

    Hope this helps.

  • Every five days is reasonable. sorry dude, but if you have kids that's pretty frequent actually. If you love her and she loves you and you're having s** regularly, although not as often as you would prefer, you got it pretty good. I have buddies that haven't gotten it in months.

  • Definitely don't cheat. Sounds like this is just a little bump in the road and can be easily cleared up with having an open and honest conversation with your wife about yours and her needs. Tell her exactly how you're feeling, that when she says "not now" it hurts you. There's some reason why she's withholding s**. Maybe she doesn't feel sexy? Maybe she's tired? Maybe she needs more help around the house or with the kids? Maybe she's depressed? Maybe she needs a break (not from you..just the routine) Speak to her about your needs and ask her what she needs...get back on the same page.

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