Teachers pet

I f***** mi teacher and I'm only In Da 8th grade one day I stayed after school and he was teaching me da lesson of da day Dat I had miss while I was dere he started to touch me in da wrong spots but after a while I liked it we left da school and he told me he was goin to bring me hme which he didn't we went to his house and f***** me and bust me open on his sofa after Dat it was gettin late and he brung me hme told mi mother Dat I had worked hard and I was a very hardworking student da next day at school he yelled at me In front of da whole class and den gave me an F on mi report card every since den he have been mean to me

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  • Try harder suck and swallow

  • girl he gave you a F cause you can't spell worth s***. Stop banging your teacher and do your work. You'll get farther.

  • Please read a book or read the news and realize there are serious things going on in the world other than what is happening in your life. I think this is all fabricated so do not think i believe one word of this garage but also I can barely read a word. Practice writing out sentences! Please do yourself a favor wise up the real world will not accept your s***.

  • You probably didnt give him good s** (x

  • Thats a little f***** up and nasty but okay

  • That seems so legit.

  • me and da guyz hre havent understood what da ya say!!

  • Obviously he wasn't your English teacher. Is there an F-?

  • Yeah right

  • You're f***** for sure! What's more shocking is that you're even in "da" 8th grade.

  • Uh, yeah.........THAT happened.

  • Next time you have to stay after school get him to teach you to spell... then it wont hurt my head reading s*** like this!!!

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