I dont know if i made a mistake.

I don't know if I made a mistake on who im dating. I ran from my Mom because she was abusive and last year got dumped without knowing by a guy that i gave my virginty to after two years of dating, and ran to my old boyfriend and am now engaged with him. I don't think his family likes me, I think they would prefere the ex girlfriend that was before me... I feel useless in this world.. and i can't tell any of them how i feel because ive been taught to shut my mouth and make others happy. I hate my life. I hate the way i look. I hate everything about this world. I have to act as if im happy and nothing is wrong. I tell at least 10 lies in one day, just by saying that im fine when i really just want to scream out " Can't you tell something is wrong, im ignored all the time, and i feel like i dont belong anywhere, and never have!"
Honestly im depressed... I get no attention or effection from the person that i love, all he thinks that i want is material things.. I want love and attention... He thinks im over reacting when i tell my feelings... I can't tell them anymore...

" Aimo Aimo "

-sincerally emopolarbear...

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