I miss them

My wife & I have been together for over 10 yrs & we are in love. We have a great s** life & she is dynamite in bed. The on ly problem I have is I wish her b****** were larger. She is very attractive with a smoking body, she is 5'6 115lbs with green eyes. Her t*** are A34 & her nipples are perky. But I really miss my ex's t***, she was 5'0 100lbs with C36. I would suck on them until she would o***** (no need to touch her p****!) Then I would f*** them until I cummed all over her chest. They were so fkn nice, I wish so bad to titty a nice set of big t***. I'm to the point I don't care who its with & I'm gonna do it soon. I love my wife but f*** her t*** are small.

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  • Small t*** make me want to puke. It's like having s** with a 12 year old boy, no more ironing board women for me. Ever.

  • I am a man so I like t*** but they are many things that make women attractive physically and otherwise, also beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Small t*** can still turn me on. You do sound like a superficial and shallow j***. Let's face it many woman are that way too, a man must be certain height or have a full head of hair etc. Men and woman are not that different. If your wife is nice I am sure lots of other guys would like to have her of yu don't d*******.

  • I made the horrible mistake of divorcing my wife for the infidelities she committed at the strip club where she worked just so I could prove that I wasn't going to stand for it. Well I later married a conservative christian woman with small t*** and I was sure I could get her to get implants to improve her B-cups but I was wrong. She's still a B and I wish I was still with the E-cups even if she was cheating on me every day. I love my ex's body and I wish I was still with her and if she would take me back I would go back today and let her cheat as much as she wanted to.

  • Thank you, finally someone agrees with me. That's the most important part of a woman & they have to be nice & big. I asked my ex one day after me & my wife were together if I could see her t*** again & she said" they're nothing you haven't seen before". I don't thik she understood how badly I needed to see a set of t*** that were the way they are suppose to be.

  • i totally totally totall agree: t*** ARE the most important thing.

  • Some people just don't understand how important big, beautiful t*** are to some men. I agree with the original poster, and if my wife hadn't gone out and gotten a nice full set of DDs three years ago like I wanted her to, I'd be out looking, too.

  • You are so shallow. You are not grateful for what you do have. If you go looking for something else, dont come crying that you want her back. Reminds me of "Dog in a manger". You are a crazy man.

  • Well you just go ahead and find someone with very large b******! BUT, just remember while you are looking for big b******, your wife will be looking for a very LARGE d***!!!Why?? because she is sick to death of your teeny tiny little ugly pecker!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah right that's why I can't go b**** deep in her & there isn't a day my c*** isn't in her mouth. I tell her I like small t*** like all guys say to their little tittied wife so f*** you

  • What's her cell number? I love small t******

  • Ignore these clowns: big t*** are incredible, and they're impossible to forget. My ex was a nude dancer, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and that magnificent rack of hers. Go find what you need.

  • This just proves, some men are NEVER satisfied. Nothing will ever be good enough for you. Obviously big t*** aren't enough to make you happy either or you'd still be with your ex! Do your wife a favor and at least leave her before you go on your quest to find the woman who is perfect in every single way and meets your unrealistic standards in every area of life...since she's not out there, that's gonna keep you busy for the rest of your life and your wife deserves better than an a****** who secretly plans to cheat because of something he KNEW about when he married her and she CAN'T CHANGE without expensive, painful surgery. The other poster is right, you don't love her. If you did you might miss having big t*** to play with but it would be a sacrifice you were willing to make in order to commit to her for the rest of your lives...you would not be thinking and actively planning to cheat on her.

  • Most guys would be grateful just to have a wife who's not fat and. YOU'RE b******* about b******.

  • Wow. Way to be a superficial a******.

  • You are such a f******, lousy,disgusting LOSER!!!!

    You don't love your wife, you love big b******!

    You knew her breast size BEFORE you married her, you stupid son of a f****** b****!!!
    I hope she finds out when you cheat on her and takes you to the cleaners in more than one way!!

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