Bby daddy

I don't know what to do anymore. He does a lot for me and we're having a baby but he comes with so much drama from his past... And he is so controlling but when I confront him he's not I feel like he does a lot for me but is it worth having my whole life controlled and constantly being accused of diong things that I'm not doing and not being allowed to do anything without being talked badly to. I don't think this is how love is supposed to be but I don't know how to leave... I've never been so weak.

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  • It's NOT how love is supposed to be. Not at all. Girl, I know you love him and you're having a baby, but you do not deserve that crap. It's not good for you or your child. Your child will grow up seeing you be controlled and talked badly to and it will affect them. You deserve someone much better. Try to find a way to leave because it sounds abusive.

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