One Night

I am married and have a pretty normal life. My wife and I are in our thirties and have been married 7 years.

Last weekend my wife was out of town and I took the opportunity to do something I have fantasized about but never done. On Saturday I went to the store and bought some pretty silk panties. That night, I put them on under my pants and went to an adult bookstore that has video arcade booths with glory holes in between. I went into a middle booth, locked the door, put plenty of money in, and slipped off my pants. Over the next 30 minutes or so, several different people came into an adjacent booth. Some left but others stayed and watched me through the hole. I made sure I was in their view and showed my panties to each of them, and I could hear them jerking off while they watched, which really turned me on.

It was quiet for a while and then someone came into the booth on my right, put money in and sat down. A minute later he looked into the hole for a second, and then I heard him put a lot more money in. Through the hole I saw he was wearing a tank top and shorts, and I could tell he was big and athletic, with muscular arms and toned legs. Soon after, he was looking in again and I made sure he could see my pretty panties, turning slowly so he could see me front, side and back.

He seemed interested and in no hurry to leave. I don’t know what got into me, but it was really turning me on to show off for him. I moved closer to the hole and modeled for him, turning to and fro, acting prissy and feeling like a girl. This went on a few minutes and then suddenly I felt a warm hand fondling me and gently patting my panty covered bottom. I leaned forward and steadied myself against the opposite wall as he massaged my legs, sliding his hand farther and farther between my thighs.

I spread my feet a little to maintain my balance and, a few seconds later, felt his hand come between my legs and cup my crotch. He rubbed my little bulge through the silky material and it felt so good. This went on for a heavenly while and then suddenly his hand pulled away. I thought he might be leaving but a few seconds later, I felt something pressing under my butt and looked down to see his c*** emerging through my legs. It was huge. It was long and straight but really thick too.

He pulled it back and then slowing pushed forward again, back and forth, a little faster, a little harder, making a little p**** out of the tight triangle between my thighs and the underside of my panties. Soon he was really going at it and I was arching my back and wriggling my butt like a little sissy b****. I reached down and started to tug at his big c*** head each time he thrust forward. He had to stop for a minute to put more money in and I shifted a little, moving an inch or two away from the hole. A few seconds later I felt his big c*** press into my silky butt, pushing a little harder and deeper with each thrust into the stretchy thin material between my cheeks.

He fell into a groove and pumped his hard c*** firmly into my panties just where they covered my b******* as I steadied myself against the opposite wall and pushed back to receive him. After a couple minutes I felt his body tighten, a few last hard strokes and then he pushed hard and deep into my silk covered cheeks and held it there, letting out a long manly groan. A few seconds later, I could hear him zipping up and straightening his clothes, and then he was gone.

I reached back and my panties were absolutely soaked with his slippery c**. I pulled them off and tried to lick off the excess, tasting c** for the first time. Then I put them in my pocket and put my pants back on and left. Several people looked at me as I walked out and I wondered if they knew what I had done. I drove home, jerked off into my pretty new panties and spurted my own c** into them, then licked it off and hid them away where my wife wouldn’t find them.

Life is normal again, but I will always remember how good it felt to wear panties and be another man’s little s** toy.

Mar 28, 2012

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  • Good for you!! I like to crossdress at the local ABS, I suck and f*** any guy that wants it, then go home to my wife smelling like guys cumm. It;s so hot!!

  • Mmmm bend over for me you little sissy

  • wow, thats sick man, thats just sick.

  • What?! What?! You got a problem with panties? What are you gay?

  • You are one sick f***

  • You are in denial. You loved it dude. You know you did. You probably got a big b**** reading it, and want some of that panty action yourself. You know you do!

  • I do! Hott...gimme some.

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