Teen Prostitute

I'm 17 and working and studying all the time so just to get a little bit of extra money I posted a s** ad online.
I made more money in 2 hours then I have in 2 weeks.
I've now slept with a 40 year old and a 30 year old..

Mar 30, 2012

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  • Two things:

    (1) One day, the person replying to you ad will be an undercover cop. Percentage chance is low on any given time, maybe 1/2% chance. But repeat long enough, you will eventually get caught. Then your secret way to make money will suddenly not be a secret.

    (2) You are operating in an unregulated business. The customers you meet will mostly be guys wanting to get their rocks off with a pretty young thing. But just like the small risk associated with encountering an undercover cop, so is there a risk of encountering a sick-mindeed b****** who will try to kill you. Again, on any given encounter, the risk is low. But do this sort of thing long enough, you will run into a guy who will inflict serious injury to you.

  • Be cautious please! I'm worried about your safety!

  • Please be careful. There are alot of sick people out there.

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