I'm a 34 year old man who has a crush

I'm a 34 year old man who has a crush on my girlfriend's 17 year-old daughter. I'm not (just) talking a physical attraction, either. I ADORE her personality. I've no intention of acting on this (obviously!) but I wanted to try and get it "out of my system," so to speak.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Walk away fool................................look into the mirror and see the real you .........Predator!

  • Ummm, she probably does not feel the same, so that should help you get over it!

  • Wow. Maybe he thought he could post his confession. You know, WITHOUT the Judge Judy attitudy. IMO, if he's attracted to a 17 year old, that's not "pedophile." Pedophilia is attraction to little kids.

    But yeah, maybe try to look at her more like YOUR kid.

  • i see there's some pedophiles in this room..

  • Keep it in your pants you child predator, is the mother not good enough for you, then why are you together, so you could get to her daughter. Men like you should be shot!!!!!! Leave the fantasys at home and if you dont love the mother enough to just see her child as your own, then you need to go!!! Would you still want her if she was your own child???? your nothing but a child predator and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

  • I am almost 40 and once had a huge crush on at 16yr old girl...a student of mine. Of course I would NEVER do anything but until the thought police come along.....

  • Don't think to much of it as long as you are not acting out on your desire. I too have a crush on my 18 year old step-daughter as she is everything her mother lacks. She is sweet, bright, articulate and has the best personality I have ever known out of all the women I have dated. As her mother is self centered, cold, bithch. But I will go to my grave with this secret love.

  • When I was 17 I had an affair with the 34 year old man I babysat for. I dont regret it.I really loved him.

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