Why even bother?

I tell people decided to stop looking for a boyfriend and crushing on guys because I wanted to concentrate on more important things like school.
But that's BS. I gave up looking for someone because I know I'm never actually going to get a guy anytime soon. I was tired of getting my hopes up only for it to end the same every time. Nobody wants to date the ugly girl, which is me.

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  • I felt that way when I was in the 9th and 10th grade. I'm 34 now and I will tell you that the girls who were so "hot" and "gorgeous" in high school typically grow up to be quite the opposite as adults! And a lot of the girls who weren't that popular or cute grow up to be beautiful women. Some just get better with age and I feel like I am one of those, I bet you are too!

  • I've been there. I went to two different high school. My first one, I did year 7 to 10. It was coed so I had A LOT of crushes. As a kid I always feel like I'm an ugly duckling knowing that my sister's and girl cousin's are beautiful. Like no joke, some of them are models! I remember people telling me as a kid that I'm ugly! Anyways, nobody asked me out back in High school, but looking back at it now. I talk to the guys that I had crushes on and some of them said they really like me back then but they were intimidated how smart I was. But trust me, don't fall into those high school intimidation like the popular kids are only pretty because they were nice clothes and make-up. Don't do it! Most guys like girls without it! The more natural looking you are the more beautiful you are.

    Also, wait for the right guy. Everyone deserves their prince charming.
    And the longer you wait the more special he is.
    Never settle for okay.
    Good luck.

  • You may not be as unattractive as you think. Beautiful women often say they were ugly in high school before they blossomed into beauties. And sometimes looking better is just a matter of developing good make up skills. Many models and actresses don't look nearly as good without their make up expertly applied. But, that said, with guys what one might consider unattractive another might find beautiful, and personality can carry the day, even if a woman isn't as attractive as a beauty queen. Try not to lose heart.

  • Don't say you're ugly. The world today has a very skewed perception of what is considered 'beautiful'. And as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I'll agree that having a lot of pimples for example can be offputting, but it's a superficial thing that can be fixed. If there are superficial things like that which you can do something about, then go for it - another e.g. learning which clothes flatter your body - little tricks like this can help build up your confidence and one of the most attractive thing about a person can be their confidence.

    Nobody wants to be with someone who is negative, they want to be happy and usually a good indication is somebody who is happy with themselves. So take little steps at a time and grow to love yourself and project that love in a good way to others. All the best :)

  • yes but have high standards for yourself. improve yourself where you think you need improvement.
    after you remake a better version of yourself, you will feel more attractive and that's where real beauty comes from.

  • Tell me about it. Every time I start thinking "Hey, maybe this time I have a chance!" it just blows up in my face and I'm back to square one - a kinda ugly, kinda weird girl that doesn't know s*** about romance. Sigh. The worst bit is picking myself up and trying again, knowing that I'll just fail like I do every time. F***, I just don't know what to do. I'm going to end up old and lonely. I can't ever picture myself in a relationship with anybody, and it hurts :(

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