I'm a 28 year old guy and yesterday

I'm a 28 year old guy and yesterday while I was sitting at a table at the local library a 14 year old boy jacked me off.

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  • You are a Perv!

  • This is Bullshit!

  • Liar.

  • when i was 14 i was raped by a 28 yr old man.Your just sick dude.

  • That's the sort of thing I would have done when I was 14. Legally, of course it's wrong. But in this particular situation maybe not so wrong. Just goes to show a "one size fits all law" doesn't always fit everyone in society. Don't try to tell me that from the age of 12 I didn't know if I wanted s** when I was seducing older men! The high age of consent in America reflects the fact that most older people actually think young people are stupid. This is also why "abstinence only" s** education results in teenage pregnancies.

  • You disgust me. You'll probably end up in jail one day. Hopefully.

  • 14 is too young and it is irresponsible for you to allow someone that young to be involved in your sexual life. I am a female and I have masturbated in a public library. I am sure you could find someone more age appropriate to help you out with this. I know I would be willing.

  • F****** hot.


  • Then you woke up and realized this isn't good to feel like this and you sought professional help. There is a reason for a legal age of consent. Maybe one day someone such as yourself will have such an encounter w/ your 14 year old (hopefully a girl though) and you will reap what you have sewn. In the meantime you probably should get some help.

  • ur a f****** pUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSY thats y u cant get a real OVER age F****** girl to do YOU n e favors u sick f*** Child MOLESTER i bet u were molested when u were a kid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat happen "timmy" ur Daddy molested u thats y ur doing wat ur doing i wish i would know u ill beat the s*** out of you n then do u a favor and bend u over and stick a broomstick up your A$$ the way u wish ur daddy did P****!!!!!!!!!

    your Friend

  • You are a weak, miserable piece of s***. C'mon man. At least do this s*** with adults.

  • Hot.

  • Come on man. It doesn't matter that it was a guy but the fact that he was 14 makes you sick. Unless you live in a country where 14 is the legal age of consent you need to be put in jail.


  • ick! I hope you do feel really horrible.

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