18 & Want to Get Pregnant

I'm 18 and am planning on getting pregnant. The would be father already has 1 baby on the way. I don't care about 'trapping' him or anything. All I've ever wanted is to be a mother, and hopefully soon, I will be.

Mar 31, 2012

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  • Dude, you srsly need to grow up. Being a mother is a hard job. If ur not thinking long term, maybe its time you did.

  • Wow. I hope you are unable to have children. Ew. Selfish much? :/

    You can always have a baby, why don't you become independent first? You know... not to rely on someone else/ruin some dude's life because you want to be a BICTH.

  • You can't be selfish if you want to be a mother, and that's what you are right now. It's all about you. Step back and really think about what you're doing. Sure, the baby clothes are cute, but babies cost a lot of money (food, health insurance, diapers, school, daycare) and require stable environment. Can you really provide that to a child at 18? You have your entire life to have children. But have them when the time is right. Allow yourself to grow up a bit, live life a little, go to college, get more settled in your career, maybe even find a husband and plan for a child. If you don't have everything in order, it's just going to be a giant struggle. And don't just get knocked up with a man who can't even provide for the other child that he has on the way. Your future child deserves to know his/her father.

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