3 months ago my boyfriend raped me

3 months ago my boyfriend raped me because i wouldn't have s** with him i can not tell anyone about this because he said if i did he would kill me.I don't want to be with him any more but i can't get away from him he say's he loves me and his sorry for what he did but i know he dosen't love me and i know his not sorry.I don't konw what i'm going to do i can't tell anyone about this i can't break up with him i think i should just kill myself i can't take this any more!!!

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  • do I know you? Break up with him. We don't know much about this I'll admit, but rape is never a good thing. Fight him if you must, just never let yourself be taken like that.


  • you kow you liked it

  • do not kill yourself. he is not worth it. you need to tell a few people that will believe you about what happened and then you need to break up with him. if you feel that you are in danger then don't be alone with him anymore, ever again.

  • There are ways to turn him in and receive protection from physical harm. Believe me, the authorities take this kind of crap seriously. The biggest problem you will have is proving that he raped you since you probably didn't go to a doctor and get a rape exam. If he rapes you again, go to a doctor. If it's late, go to the ER. Get your proof. No, you don't want to do this, but it is essential. And regardless, you need to break up immediately or sooner. Seriously. And don't hurt yourself. You're a good person.

  • Do not kill yourself over this guy. You must have a trusted family member or friend that can talk to. Have them help you get ghost. If they don't live in another city or state have them help you move. It's going to be tough because you will have to do it without him knowing. That's no moving vans or anything. Just pack a bag and leave. And make sure he doesn't know where you are going. You didn't mention any kids so I'm assuming that you don't have any kids with this guy. So just pick up and leave. But under no circumstances should you kill yourself. If you do he wins


  • No do not kill yourself. You must break up with him. It is important. If he raped you he is garbage. Get help. Make sure someone knows what is going on and make sure they will and can help you. Get out of a relationship that has rape and kill involved in it.
    Seek help, friend, relative, police or the rape hot line and do not kill yourself ..it is not your fault.

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