Sooo hmm

This is pretty weird but I just had a dream and it was..interesting. I was in the woods and I saw a beautiful woman who happened to be like 8 ft tall, nonetheless beautiful. Then, we just started wrestling, out of nowhere and I don't mean sexual wrestling or anything like that. I wasn't going easy on her. But it's like it was fun for both of us even though we were really fighting each other MMA style almost, just no punching. But that's pretty much all the dream was and I'm like...What? I have no reason to dream anything like that. It was just plain Weird.

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  • I must have missed the dream part at the beginning, because I was thinking "What the h***? This has to be fake..." while I was reading it, but it is definitely believable if it was just a dream, lol... Dreams usually have meaning behind them, but they are almost never literal. Think of it as a metaphor, and try to decode it. Relate it to what's going on in your life, and you will find what it means.

  • Sounds like you took a trip to Amazon territory and met a rowdy young lass who decided to wrestle with you.

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