I enjoy being insulted and humiliated

I must be a m********. I love it when people insult me and make fun of me. I don't let on that I enjoy it but I start crap with people sometimes just to get them to insult me. when playin video games with my friends i make bets that i;ll win and agree to do humiliating things like bow down to them or be their slave for the day and then i deliberatly lose so that they can humiliate me. I love it when i arm wrestle or wrestle with younger kids and they beat me. then i call them names like im p***** so they rub it in. i love it. a lot of people call me ugly and call me names they always have cause i am pretty ugly and now i just laugh. sometimes peopple take advantage of me and thats alright because i love that too. i let them walk all over me. one time this kid who was tryin to show off to everyone else used me as a human punching bag in front of his freinds and mine. my friend tried to stop it but i told them it was alright cuase i said i dint want him to do it to them but the truth is i was just enjoying it toomuch. well until i could barely breathe. i also like to do funny and stupid things just to get people to laugh. then ill start insulting myself so they can laugh at me. I will never tell anyone that i'm really gettin off on it cause then they'll think im sick or crazy and try to get me to stop. but its not hurtin anyone and it s not hurtin me cause i enjoy it so im not stopping.

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  • weird ass m***********

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