I hate kids! Is there something wrong

I hate kids! Is there something wrong with me or is it normal to hate little kids who yell and scream?

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  • I work in a mall, and I hate the kid's parents for not controlling them and letting them act like a*******. One time, a lady stood and watched as her son (maybe 2), started to pull out pieces of his wet diaper and throw them on the floor. . .she did not clean it up

  • The funny part is you were all kids at one time but i am sure you were perfect then too

  • I hate kids too
    Sometimes when i'm angry i drive around in my black tinted window large van and go to public schools and offer the kids candy with hopes of grabbing a kid up, taking it to my private dungeon and introducing them to beastliality.

  • get a vasectomy now before you change your mind

  • Children are small, and unpleasant.

    Hit away!

  • i hate kids, never want to have them, find them repulsive. im a swimming teacher, babysitter and girl guide leader

  • you're totally normal. just dont hurt them

  • Yeah that s*** is so annoying

  • I think you should be allowed to spank your kids. Then maybe you can teach them a lesson. I was spanked when I was a kid and you never saw me pitching a f****** fit in the middle of a candy isle at the store.

  • I hate children! I don't want any of my own at all. The only kids that I can stand being around are my niece and my best friends daughter.

  • yo im a kid, or kinda. im actually 15 so would you count me as still a f***** up kid?

  • yes kids are f****** annoying and just need slaped and i like drug dealers and strippers so whats wrong wit that

  • ^^^ Danielle, and I agree. Kids these days are just spawn of their a****** parents who dont give a s*** about them.
    Then they will grow up to be drug dealers and strippers...

    you know what i kinda like kids...

    YA RLY!

  • I completely agree with you.

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