You should've just spared me all the years

Just skipped right past me and moved onto girl #165 but you couldn't because you can't keep your d*** in your pants. You're a womanizer and that is the worst quality to me besides your smug arrogance. Those are the two things I hate most and those are your two most prominent traits. Good riddance, hope you enjoy your ho.

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  • I enjoy hoes

  • Me, too. I want more of them. Totally. Why f*** a non-ho when you can f*** a ho? There are always ALWAYS hos around, and so that's why we go for them. You, on the other hand, are petty, and spiteful, and demanding, and entitled. A ho will always f*** and never ask for more. That's why most of us marry hos, and if one of us should make the mistake of marrying you, he'll go find a ho and cheat on you. Then, he'll divorce you and marry the ho. You're too much trouble. Surely you can SEE that, can't you?

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