I did it any way

Well I got to confess am 13years old I touched a girl in her virgina with out her consourn I kinda f***** her
and i need advice wot to do next should i come clean or should I run

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  • Its obviously a f****** 65 yr old man who typed this

  • I'm assuming the girl is about the same age as you? Is she upset about it?

    First step is to face your fear and apologise to her. If you're going to act like a man about s** then have the b**** to act like a man and apologise for your mistake too.

    Second step, realise that while s** and curiosity about it is very normal, it's never acceptable to force another person. Make a personal commitment to yourself right now to never force anyone again, AND to not torment yourself for years about expressing your natural curiosity.

    As to wether you should tell someone, I really think that's her decision to make. If she forgives you then why drag it out - it would only embarrass the girl. If she can not forgive you and wants to go to an authority, then again it's time to man up and accept it as the consequence of your action.

  • Ah just keep touching her make her f****** h**** and then f*** her ass off. At least you had that luck for my situation is f****** hard.

  • what the heck is a virgina ? did I miss that in anatomy class ?

  • Well do you feel attracted to girls? (I'm a boy)

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