What have i done...

This all started when I went to my gf's house to sleepover cause are mom and dad were staying there for a weekend to talk about crap and me and my gf slept bed next to bed in the same bedroom well when we did i said to her do you wanna kiss and she said yes so we did and it got more serious she started talking about s** and i said this is kind of awquard talking about s** and she wanted to have s** and i really did not want to but she was to persuasive so i went at it she was amazing but i feel guilty she doesnt want to do it again but she did like it we never told our parents.


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  • How old are you ?

  • Its natural to feel unsure about what you guys did because this was something you guys have never ever done before. A new experience like that, especially one that is as 'taboo'/sensitive/personal as sexual relations, can take some time and learning and exploring to become comfortable with. Suggest you guys talk openly with each other about what you did, what you liked/disliked, what / how you felt... Most important, even if you dont plan on having full sexual relations again any time soon: learn about contraception and menstrual cycle so as to prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you feel awkward now about having intercourse, you'll surely be worse if your gf becomes pregnant. Good luck kiddos and may you grow in your experiences, individually and as a couple, because healthy s** is lots of fun and very emotionally rewarding to the relationship.

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