i look like a troll

i look like a troll

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  • Shrek is an ogre, and he's way cool.
    maybe you see yourself that way,but someone out there won't.Love yourself for who you are.

  • You will one day find someone uglier than you. . .be patient!

  • maybe you see yourself that way,but someone out there won't.Love yourself for who you are.

  • wtf does it matter what you look like? some one will think you're pretty somewhere, someone will want you, some one loves you.

  • hello, it's the bunion troll poster again,
    to everyone that offered advice--thanx so much. even though i don't know you, it helps to have another perspective.

  • Lol, all the things that the bunion troll poster described are fixable things. I dont believe in ugly.

    I believe that everyone has a diffferent preference to what they find attractive. There is not a single person that can just be considered "ugly"...

    Someone out there will find their features attractive.

    And most of the time, the reason why someone isnt percieved as attractive is because they lack confidence in themselves and other people pick up on that. It really is true...

    Also, a lot of times the ugly parts of a person are completey fixable.

    Pamper yourself. You're beautiful!

  • that's true! i love Shrek

  • Shrek is an ogre, and he's way cool.

  • i have stained teeth, bunions, a big bumpy nose, stretch marks for miles, and a huge butt--now that's trollish. 0h, and plus, my hair is a big brown dried-up haystack. i must have been really bad to deserve to be like this.

  • Looks are in the eye of the beholder. You can not judge what beauty is as we all see beauty differently.
    I had a GAL pal a few years back, I thought she was the cutest thing I ever saw. Someone eles said she looked like a troll (after we parted company)
    Stop treating yourselfs as ugly, It means very little.

  • I'm a female.

    : )

    Stop worrying about how you look, silly!

    I seriously dont think I've ever really seen an UGLY(troll-esque) person in my life.

    I dont know...

    Maybe I see things differently?

    But if the reason you're worried about how you look.. is because you're afraid of what other people think.

    Then you're worrying for nothing.

    You will never be able to control what they think of you.

    There will always be someone who doesnt find you attractive.

    Even "beautiful" people are sometimes not considered attractive to certain people.

    No one can help what another person is thinking.

    And besides...

    Those people who are thinking s*** thoughts about you, arent worth your time anyways!

    I seriously doubt you're a "troll".

    : b

    I like to joke about my younger sister alot, cause he nose is troll-esque in shape.

    She LOVES her nose though. I like it too.. It's different and is neat.

    95% of beauty lies within.

    And that may sound cheesy, but it really is true.

    If you're confident and happy... your body feels better and looks better.

    Love yourself and other people will love you too!

  • I'm an internet troll!

  • well, i guess i didn't realize that there were so many types of trolls out there. all i know is, when i look in the mirror, i see ugly. when i try to imagine what other people see when they look at me, i see hideous everything--everything out of proportion to what it really is. but i do think i am ugly, even though i'm pretty sure other people don't perceive me as a troll.

    to the person who likes trolls, thanks for the uplifting comment. but not everyone likes trolls. btw, are you m or f? i am f.

  • That's okay...

    I like trolls.

    Ugly people will always be wanted.

    To make other ugly people feel less ugly.


    And besides.

    Who cares what you look like.

    Someone is gonna love you no matter what you think about yourself.

    You're beautiful to someone.

    | )


  • Wow, u must b pretty fukin ugly...

  • I'm lost

    Come find me



  • i wish i was a troll so i could live under a bridge and scare everyone away with my nasty ways

  • I act like a troll.

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