Torn between men

I have 2 men in my life

One is amazingly attractive...
Gives me surprises everyday
Beach junkie
Is amazing in bed
Is wealthy
Has a great job
Loves me to death
is quite intelligent
Great at all sports
Wants to share his life with me

The other is in the army
Paying for my overseas holiday to Europe
Has the most amazing personality
We share a deep connection
Is understanding
knows many languages
He is so smart
out going
addicted to adrenaline sports
Wants to travel the world with me
Guaranteed a life of financial support so i can follow my dreams
Wants to share his life with me

I am so torn ....... Help!

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  • Simple solution. Stop being such a w****. If you weren't dating (and undoubtedly s*******, probably sometimes both in the same day) two men at once you wouldnt be asking for help in the first place. Why dont you tell both of them about the other one.

  • well well well what do you know another love triangle post you seriously need to just stop reading tween romance novels they both sound like the perfect guy (Hah they probably got huge cockels too) [i loathe myself] just pick one deal with what ever consequences

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