Way Behind

My kind-of-ex just got a new gf and it hurt me. even though it sound stupid i thought i would get a new bf before he got another gf.. anyway then i just found out that this girl who i knew id get a bf before just got a bf.. i feel so lame, it makes me wonder whats wrong with me. Im scared ill be forever alone!

Apr 23, 2012

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  • um who was that at person who shouted that vulgar hateful demand

  • GO SMOKE A D***!

  • seriously the least you could do is answer my questions

  • first question what's a kind-of-ex? second question why does it matter who got a new relationship first? first statement at least you had a relationship (unlike me *tear*) which means it's possible for you to get a new one. second statement there's nothing wrong with you, you seem nice and nice is normal *smile*

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