I'm so vile and disgusting.

I confess to being weird. Getting sexual pleasures out of birth. I FEEL, SOOOOOOO GUILTY. IM SUCH A GROSS GIRL.

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  • You sound like your a toxic inlove with yourself show pony who is draining the energy out of everyone around you. you could allow others a go at birth and motherhood and f****** you selfish loser. you have to raise the kid and I hope it causes you death soon from all the child raising stresses out. I hope death comes quick to you and so does a whole lot of dirty ugly. you shouldn't compare yourself to others. its sounds like you ended up a gross girl by envy and jealousy of others hence you need to birth all the time feel special.

  • ...Yeah, you sure are.

  • C0nk C0nk C0nk C0nk C0nk ...

  • do you m********* over seeing women giving birth?

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