I slept with my twin's girlfriend

Right so long story short (To save you hours of reading) my twins gf came up to me in private thinking that I was my brother. She kissed me and I was about to say I wasn't him but for some reason I didn't. We started making out and we went to my room. We ended up having s** and I feel so guilty for betraying him however I really don't want him to find out. I'm afraid he'll find out. any suggestions?

Btw she was REALLY hot so I guess that's sort of excusable... maybe?

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  • millenium snow you cheeky girl you (i need a relationship at all hmm emo or girl who may need psychiatric help just kidding psychiatric/emo all the way)

  • so you slept with your twin gf, i'll tell you mine story. I slept with my twin!! It starts with we both got drunk so we end up having s**. We really enjoyed it, so we have more sexs.

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