Runnin’ It! I grew up pre-internet

Runnin’ It!
I grew up pre-internet. You could not go online and type a cheesy ad and have a fatty at your door like you are ordering a Domino’s pizza back in the day. Here is a little bit of insight from an old dog.
Find chicks with lots of friends. Stay away from loners. I ran a couple of summers off of a clique and it branched out from there! Read between the lines! We didn’t have a branded name for what we did. There were no playas, blacks said hustle but it was not a coin phrase like p***, etc. is today.
We just said we were runnin’ it. That’s what we called what we would do. We would set up parties of all kinds and keep the hotties for ourselves and let everyone else have the crumbs.
So do you have NO GAME? You couldn’t get laid on the isle of Lesbos? Not to worry, the smartest thing you can do is to get a group of GUYS / BROS (it says BROS!) together that have the same agenda. If you are whacking off in front of a computer, you need to get out more. Get a tight group of friends that will not f*** each other over. You are all in this to win. If you let f***** up people in your inner circle, you will have problems later on.
Pool your resources. We didn’t have tons of money in the beginning. But we always created a buzz. One guy had sound and stage equipment, another dude worked for a brewery! Very handy. We had one rich kid we let in on the scam because daddy had deep pockets. We had other people that were social butterflys, etc. etc. Women want to be the center of attention, in the know and part of the mix. If you have a gay day job, LIE! You want to be interesting if you want the panties to come off. Women would rather f*** an unemployed artist or rockstar than steady eddie with a polo shirt.
All of your buddies need to chip in and bring something to the game or they get weeded out fast. Next, plan an event. It doesn’t have to be 1000 people right away. Just try to get 10 “suckers” and 15 chicks to go to your event. You charge the suckers and you keep the hotties for yourself. It works. The b****** want to be with the people runnin’ thangs! Women want to bang the DJ. The DJ gets all of the hoes he wants. And the bartender. You can be the ugliest dude out there and still pull in tail in these jobs.
Anyway, plan a themed event. Get creative. I am not going to give you all of the details, but it is not that f****** difficult pal. A themed event is always more interesting than, hey, uh, were throwing a party, can you come?
Be selective. At first you will invite your grandma just to say you pulled off your first rager. Overtime you will learn about being selective. If you invite a bunch of f*** word will eventually get out that your parties suck.
Charge the “suckers”. Guys will pay if there is beer and a possibility of getting ass. After a while, you should be able to support your parties by throwing them! We lived to party. God, I wish I had my youth back and I would just push you out of the way and do it myself!

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  • you're all f***** stupid. there is no right thing to do for anyone. back in high school i was f***** mad b****** and it was awesome. now i'm a junior and college and i've gradually gotten more away from doin all of that, BUT that doesn't mean i won't get back to it tho. you just gotta do you and do what you want. there are no absolutes when it comes to s** lives you dumb bastards

  • This post really doesn't make sense. Some people just don't want to party while they are young and these types of attitudes that encourage our youth to engage in such irresponsible behavior is the reason our young people have so many problems. Back when the original commenter was living it up and sleeping with everybody you could go to the doctor, get a shot, and be cool. Now days if you catch something it changes your life because there's no cure. Sleeping with tons of girls at once and all may sound good and fun but really it's nothing in the long run. Why not use all that focus and energy on building wealth and securing your future. Chasing girls is stupid. They are a dime a dozen. There are tons of good looking hos but finding a real woman takes a real man, and chasing every peice of booty isn't the definition of the man.


  • a woman with a brain... OKALEY DOKALEY. who let this p**** on the board? hey kids, if you are reading this, NICE GUYS FINISH LAST. f** boy can cry all he wants, but he is playing the weaker hand.

    anyway, I am so glad I got to live large and party hard when I did. Those were definitely the best daze of my life. i still drift back there from time to time and wonder how i could pull it off now! casting couch? Now, all I can look forward to ulcers and cancer.


  • You are right my friend...they are missing the point. Like you I & I suspect many others, regret the passing of time and missed opportunities. the biggest enemy of the young is ageing. In time they will realise that. We do have lives of our own..but a cake is all the better for having the icing on it..agree. enjoy!

  • I've had my share of groupies. I'm an educated guy. I need more intellectual stimulation than a hot chick with no brains can give me. Dumb hos are not my thing.

    And ultimately it's unfulfilling. But hey, as I said, they're a dime a dozen. You can have them all. I prefer real women with a brain.

  • I am an idiot. OK. Well you are not supposed to argue on da net, because we both look retarded.

    A relationship? Christ Almighty. You are missing the entire point. We were ROLLIN' DEEP. Anyone can be in a stuck and f***** one on one. Go ahead, Court some dumb ass broad, pay 40 - 100 dollars for dinner, get good p**** for 30 days and be miserable thereafter. Your choice.

    We had limos paid for, different chicks and you and your bros get to hangout and party like rockstars and do a whole bunch of other crazy s*** instead of sitting on the couch watching Driving Miss Daisy and hoping little miss innocent will cough it up later. It is people like you that this post is for so you can LIVE while you are young.

    Wait til you are 30 before you get into a "relationship". Grow some b**** my friend!

  • This was a good and interesting post. What era was this? You used the word rave. I'm guessing 1990s....

  • Dude, you're an idiot.

    If all you're looking for is p****, there's enough skanks out there that you can have your wish.

    But you have nothing else. Such as a brain, real relationships, and a real job.

    I hope you're proud of yourself.

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